Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blogexplosion:can it terminate the adsense account

You may wonder what exactly is traffic exchange programs. Blogexplosion is one of the popular traffic exchange programs. Now, I’m not saying Blogexplosion is bad service. Instead, it helps in getting traffics to your website. However, if you’re putting Adsense on your site it may not be suitable to use such service.
Recently in April 12, Mike Deeringer from the AdSense Publisher Support had stressed the importance of this point.
As many of you already know, our program policies strictly prohibit any means of artificially generating ad impressions or clicks, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs. These programs offer incentives for users to view web pages or click on ads, resulting in activity that is harmful to our advertisers.
We occasionally receive questions from publishers interested in using traffic exchanges to bring traffic to their site. While these services may help advertise your site, we don’t recommend using them, as they may also result in similar invalid activity.We realize that you may have questions about a specific traffic service and whether it could potentially create invalid impressions or clicks. However, please understand that we’re unable to comment on any particular third-party service.
According to Mike, it didn’t really say which third-party service you shouldn’t use but it is stated implicitly that all type of traffic exchange programs will end up being banned from the big G.
To avoid being banned, think twice before joining any traffic exchange as far as possible try to stay away from auto-surf programs or traffic exchange programs.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Add dynamic content to your blog

I'd like to share this earth-shattering news with you: David Hasselhoff (of Knight Rider and Baywatch fame) has come out with a classic new music video that should not be missed. How did I find out about it? I saw a dynamically generated link to it from Google Related Links at the bottom of my blog. (And I've found some other gems that way that have to wait for another post.)

Let me give you what the MBAs call the 8-second elevator pitch (our buildings are not very tall around here) on Google Related Links. The idea is you surf over to and start creating a Google Related Links unit for your site. You pick the color, size, and types of content (related news, videos, searches, web pages) that you want to appear in this Related Links unit, and then copy the JavaScript over to your site just as you would do for an AdSense ad unit. Google crawlers will then crawl your site, see what type of content is there, and then dynamically show links in the unit that relate to your site.

While Google Related Links don't give you revenue directly, you can use them to keep your site fresh and interesting without any maintenance. Happy visitors mean repeat visits. And if you're feeling especially creative, try alternating between Google ads and Google Related Links in a given space on your page. This will encourage people to look in that space for interesting dynamic content.

Oh, and by the way, you're more than welcome to click the links in a Google Related Links unit on your own site. Happy surfing!

Inside AdSense: Add fun, dynamic content without all the work

Monday, April 2, 2007

The AdSense API

The AdSense API:
If you're a web developer or host, you may remember that we introduced you to the AdSense API last May. With the AdSense API, your users can create their own AdSense accounts on your site, and display ads alongside the content that they have created. They can also manage their accounts and view ad performance and earnings reports, all on your site.

In addition, you can enhance your customers' user experience by helping them to make money from their content and by giving them the ability to perform many AdSense functions without ever leaving your site. For example, they can:

Create and manage AdSense accounts

Customize and implement AdSense for content ad units and link units, AdSense for search boxes, and referrals for products such as Google AdWords and Firefox

Generate URL and custom channel reports

Best of all, you get to make money with the AdSense API through the Revenue Sharing program. Advertisers pay your users and you when visitors click on your users' ads. Plus, you can earn Referral Payments when your users earn threshold amounts within their first 180 days after sign up.

Today, we're pleased to announce that the AdSense API is now open for all developers, with the release of our open development sandbox. This is a replica of the live service with some additional support to help you test and debug your applications. Once you implement the AdSense API in the development sandbox, we can go live with your implementation.

So now it's easier than ever to integrate AdSense into your website or online application. It took the folks over at less than a week. We’ve expanded our developer’s guide and added more sample code to make seamless integration even easier.

Were you ready to start developing yesterday? Check out our Getting Started Guide and our FAQ. You’ll also find that the AdSense API Developer Forum is a great place to discuss the API and get answers to common questions.

To learn more about the AdSense API and how it can make your users happier while increasing your income, surf over to the AdSense API site.
Inside AdSense: The AdSense API: All grown up and ready to play